Neuroimaging in Cardiovascular Disease (NICAD) Network

Established in 2015, we are a multidisciplinary network for neuroimaging, cardiovascular, and neurovascular research.

Our goal is to understand the biological mechanisms relating cardiovascular disease, vascular ageing and neurodegenerative disease. We also aim to identify new predictive imaging biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

In-vivo measurement of neurovascular function

In-vivo measurement of neurovascular function

We carry out multimodal imaging and neurophysiological measurement to study neurovascular function in rodent models of health and disease.

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Human neuroimaging in health and disease

Human neuroimaging in health and disease

State of the art human neuroimaging research tools enable us to determine anatomical and functional changes in both healthy subject and clinical cohorts.

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Zebrafish models of neurovascular development

Our zebrafish models allow us to visualise and study the genes that are involved in the formation of blood vessels (red) and neurons (green) (Dr Timothy Chico Lab).

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Multiscale & Multimodal Neuroimaging

We combine a range of state of the art neuroimaging and neurophysiological techniques in animal models and human subjects.

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Mouse Imaging

A Cross-Disciplinary Research Network

The NICAD Network combines the talents of teams in 3 Academic Departments: Neuroscience, Psychology and Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease.

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