Our Research & Publications

In partnership with patients and the public, we conduct a portfolio of robust, patient-centred, policy-relevant research focused on understanding the whole palliative care journey and improving care for the people of Sheffield and beyond.

Library work

Our research addresses key current challenges in palliative and end of life care by:

  • Conducting collaborative, inter-disciplinary research that is co-produced with patients and members of the public. 
  • Building new knowledge through a breadth of methodological and subject expertise.
  • Using high quality evidence to inform clinical practice and policy in palliative and end of life care nationally and internationally.
  • Innovating in public engagement by working alongside local communities to actively involve all stakeholders in palliative and end of life care.

We are involved in a wide range of research projects, collaborating with clinical, academic and policy partners. We work closely with local clinical providers including St Luke's Hospice (Research Lead - Dr Paul Taylor), Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the CCG. For a summary of our current research projects and publications see below:

Recent Publications


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Current Research Projects

Details of our current research projects can be found here.

Research Expertise

We have specialist expertise in a range of methodologies, our main areas of research focus include: 

  • Evaluating quality of care for the dying
  • Inequity and inequality in palliative care; improving palliative care access and provision for under-served groups. 
  • Financial and economic costs of palliative care, and financial support for patients and their families.
  • International palliative care; addressing global challenges to establish palliative care in low and middle income countries
  • Palliative care in primary care; identification and management of supportive and palliative care needs in the community.
  • Oral history in palliative care   
  • Service user involvement and PPI, championing meaningful engagement with service users in palliative care research
  • Policy-relevant research to improve service design and patient experiences of care.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

The Research Group is committed to encouraging Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) among our workforce, and in the research we conduct. You can read our EDI statement here.

Centres of excellence

The University's cross-faculty research centres harness our interdisciplinary expertise to solve the world's most pressing challenges.