Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Department of Philosophy

We want the Department of Philosophy to be an equal, diverse and inclusive community. We have a number of initiatives through which we strive for this.


Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC) is made up of undergraduate, graduate and staff volunteers, and exists to ensure that the Sheffield Philosophy Department is as equal, diverse and inclusive a community as possible. We are keen to make sure that the department does all it can to actively support and include each and every member, both students and staff. We aim to attend to all aspects of diversity, such as:

  • age
  • caregiving responsibilities
  • disability
  • gender
  • learning difficulties
  • mental health
  • nationality
  • race
  • sexuality
  • socioeconomic/class background

We meet once per semester, and everyone is welcome to come to these meetings. We especially encourage the participation of volunteers who identify as members of minority or under-represented groups. There is no selection process to be on the EDC, and any student or staff member who wants to volunteer can be a representative.

Gender Inclusion Policy

The Gender Identity Policy exists to ensure that all staff and students (including transgender people, staff and students associated with transgender people and people perceived to be transgender) are treated with dignity and respect. The policy supports students regardless of ‘out’ status. Students’ trans status will not be shared without written consent.

The Department of Philosophy will not tolerate any discrimination, harassment, bullying, or victimisation.

Trans Student Tutor: Minna Skhul (m.shkul@sheffield.ac.uk)

Trans Student Representative: Anna Klieber (avklieber1@sheffield.ac.uk)

Read our gender inclusion policy

Women in Philosophy

We actively work to promote women in philosophy and their work, and our department has a long history of support for women. Our very first graduate was Alice Miller, who received a First in 1915. More recently we have twice been recognised for women-friendliness by the Society for Women in Philosophy. We run two annual Women in Philosophy events: an evening social event for women postgraduate students, and a public lecture on Women in the History of Philosophy.  35% of permanent, full-time academic staff are women, substantially above the UK average of 24%.

Jennifer Saul is very involved in work on behalf of women in philosophy. With Helen Beebee she co-authored the BPA/SWIP Women in Philosophy in the UK report and the BPA/SWIP Guidelines for Good practise. She runs the blog What is it Like to be a Woman in Philosophy, and is one of the founders of the Feminist Philosophers blog.

We have adopted the BPA/SWIP guidelines in their entirety, and we have an Equality and Diversity Committee which any undergraduates, postgraduates or staff members can join. It is always run by a postgraduate student.

Diversifying Curricula

We are actively working to ensure our curricula represents authors from demographic groups traditionally underrepresented in academia. 

Minorities in Philosophy (MAP)

Sheffield has a MAP chapter which, among other things, organises an annual MAP lecture, to promote the work of minorities in philosophy. 

MAP website

Equality and Diversity Committee Issues Report Form

This form provides the possibility to report any issues related to equality, diversity and inclusion (anonymously, if they wish). Responses to the form go to the chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee, and are treated with high confidentiality. You can find the Equality and Diversity Committee Issues Report Form here:

EDI Issues Report Form

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