Annual Women in the History of Philosophy lecture

12 February 2016Poster for Women in the History of Philosophy lecture

Humanities Research Institute

Women make up only a minority of philosophers, and an even smaller minority in the history of the profession. One can easily get the impression that women's contributions to philosophy are only a recent phenomenon. But this is not true. The Sheffield Philosophy Department sponsors an annual lecture to increase awareness of the work of women in the history of philosophy.

Shannon Dea on Jane Addams

Shannon Dea, University of Waterloo: "Identity and Solidarity in Jane Addams' Practical Philosophy."

Pragmatist and social activist Jane Addams resisted identity politics because she regarded identity terms as setting up obstacles to solidarity. We'll consider her reasons, and assess to what extent, if any, they obtain today.

Followed by free reception.

All welcome!

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Tags: philosophy, women, identity, research