An Autumn spent at Yale University

Bob Stern has spent the autumn semester as a Visiting Professor in the Philosophy Department at Yale University.

Photograph of Connecticut Hall at Yale University

While he was there, he co-taught a course on ‘Religion and German Idealism’ with Paul Franks, and his own course on ’The Will, Agency, and Free Choice’. Both courses related to Bob’s current research interest in Martin Luther and his influence on philosophy. He also gave three papers at Yale, and talks at Boston University and the New School for Social Research in New York.

I really enjoyed my visit. It was interesting to experience a different academic culture, and to see how teaching and research works in an institution like Yale. I also had a great chance to talk to other researchers working in my field. I was able to meet with academics from several different departments, and we plan to develop a research network looking at the influence of Luther and also Jewish thought on German Idealism. I also enjoyed the social side of the visit, and managed to run the New Haven half marathon in a very slow time. My students were also intrigued about how I felt about the death of the Queen, and whether I thought England would win the World Cup….'

Professor Bob Stern

Department of Philosophy

Bob's trip is just one example of the ways the university embraces international partnerships to enhance research and teaching.