Ethics Conferences this Summer

Current and recent Sheffield Philosophy PhD students have organised a number of Ethics related conferences which are set to take place over this summer.

Realism in Ethics

16th-17th July 2016
Graduate workshop: 18th July 2016

There are many ways to be a moral realist, but realism in ethics was considered dead and buried for much of the twentieth century. In the last twenty five years, however, various forms of moral realism have been exhumed and revivified. The Realism in Ethics conference and graduate workshop hopes to explore them and consider their prospects.

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Organised by Stephen Ingram, Stephen Bolton and Joe Saunders (Leeds)

Understanding Value V

27th–29th July 2016

Understanding Value V is the fifth in an annual series of graduate conferences, dealing with questions about value. The breadth of topics encompassed by the theme of value promises to make for a diverse set of talks.

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Organised by Isela Gonzalez Vazquez, Stephen Bolton and Trystan Goetze.

New Directions for Expressivism

17th - 19th August 2016

The expressivism conference will explore new directions for expressivism, the view that normative judgements express non-representational attitudes like approval and disapproval. It will explore issues relating to expressivism and collectives, fictionalism, moral supervenience, meta-semantics, moralistic aggression, and many more!

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Organised by Graham Bex-Priestley and Stephen Ingram

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