Philosophy PhD student Isela González Vázquez on why she chose Sheffield

Isela is a first year PhD student in the Department of Philosophy. Her thesis focuses on feminism and the Photo of Isela Gonzalez Vazquezphilosophy of science.

Why did you choose to study in Sheffield?

"The Philosophy Department in Sheffield has a particular strength in feminist philosophy. This was one of the reasons I chose to study here. There were, however, other universities which I was also looking into, including universities in the USA and in Canada. But I was sold on Sheffield after attending an academic fair in Mexico, where I had the opportunity to chat to a really friendly and informative representative about the University of Sheffield and, more specifically, about the Philosophy Department.

I decided to stay in Sheffield for my PhD after my MA because of my supervisor and because of the vibrant research community here. My supervisor is amazing; I continue to learn so much from her and from everyone else here at the philosophy department."

How did the Department help support you through the whole process form application to settling in?

“I was helped from the very beginning – from visa application to starting my studies. When starting my MA my visa was delayed, and staff made sure information and reading was passed on to me whilst I waited.”

What are your top tips for any international students thinking about studying Philosophy in Sheffield.

The University of Sheffield Philosophy Department is known as one of the friendliest in the UK, and it definitely lives up to that!

Isela González Vázquez, INternational PHD Student

“I think patience throughout the process is useful! Also, to make sure they research all of the support on offer to them, from visa advice to application questions. There’s a really supportive international community here.”

Tell us about being a postgraduate in the department.

“The University of Sheffield Philosophy Department is known as one of the friendliest in the UK, and it definitely lives up to that! It’s a very supportive atmosphere for postgraduates, and especially for women. It’s a great environment to study philosophy in, and particularly feminist philosophy.”

What are your plans after your postgraduate study?Photo of Isela Gonzalez Vazquez

“I plan to continue in academia, wherever that may take me – I’d love to stay in the UK but I am also excited by the prospect of new travel.”

What is your highlight of studying in Sheffield so far?

“Being exposed to latest research in feminist philosophy, and being situated right at the centre of where the discussion is happening. Being involved in MAP [Minorities and Philosophy] has also been a great opportunity for me. There are 12 chapters in the UK, and this year we held our first ever conference in Sheffield.”

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