Dr Maria Kasmirli

Department of Philosophy

Honorary Researcher


Full contact details

Dr Maria Kasmirli
Department of Philosophy
45 Victoria Street
S3 7QB

Maria is a member of Joshua Forstenzer's Sheffield-based research project 'Philosophical Enquiry as a Pedagogy for Teaching Critical Thinking and Democratic Citizenship in Higher Education’, and she is currently collaborating with Joshua and others on an Erasmus+ bid for a collaborative international project 'The Community of Inquiry in Higher Education'.

Maria has several children and pets and currently lives in Crete, Greece, with her partner, philosopher Keith Frankish.


BA (Hons), Keele University; MA and PhD, University of Sheffield

Research interests

Maria's doctoral thesis, which was supervised by Professor Jennifer Saul, was a critical assessment of the Gricean approach to conversational implicature. Maria continues to work in philosophy of language and communication, especially on issues relating to consent. She also has interests in philosophy of education and is working on the theory and practice of teaching philosophy to children (P4C), drawing on her extensive experience as a teacher for the European Schools organization and FE and HE institutions.