Philosophy helps me to understand the world from a new perspective

Can Du, MA Philosophy
Can Du
International postgraduate student
MA Philosophy
Can Du is an MA Philosophy student from China. She plans to go on to PhD study once she has finished her MA.
Can Du, MA Philosophy

Why did you choose to study in Sheffield?

Because the University of Sheffield is a world-class University, it has a good reputation, provides top quality education and high student satisfaction. Meanwhile, Sheffield is a safe and convenient city, it’s a great place to live.

What made the University of Sheffield stand out for you?

Its good reputation. The Department of Philosophy has a reputation as one of the friendliest department in the UK. It provides wide range of courses. No matter if you like classical philosophy or modern philosophy, you can find the one you want in Sheffield. It is also suitable for students who don't have a philosophical background. This meant I had the chance to transfer into philosophy from finance.

What do you particularly enjoy about Philosophy?

I think philosophy helps me to understand the world from a new perspective. Critical thinking is important, it changes the way how I look at things and how I view myself.

How did the Department of Philosophy help support you through the whole process from application to settling in?

When I was preparing my application, I had some application questions. Then I emailed the department, they replied quickly and explained well. I also got some suggestions for applying for a visa. The department is helpful to international students.

What are your top tips for any international students thinking about studying Philosophy in Sheffield?

Speak more. Discussion is very important to anyone who studies philosophy, it helps you to understand philosophy arguments better. People in the department are nice and patient, they won’t laugh at your English. Never mind your accent and grammar, just talk with people.

What is it like being a postgraduate in the department?

It’s more interesting than I expected. Students have many choices of seminars, it is flexible for me to choose what I want. The department often organize activities, such as department walks. In addition, there are some special activities for international students arranged by the International Student Society, like the International Students Welcome Party, a trip to Leeds Christmas market, and so on. I think these activities are good chances to meet other people in the department and get familiar with each other. Sometimes, you need to work hard and you may feel tired, but your life in Sheffield won’t be boring.

What are your first impressions of studying and/or living in Sheffield so far?

People are extremely nice and pretty helpful. You will find new friends and get along well with them quickly. You won’t feel lonely.

What do you know now about Sheffield that you didn’t know before you came here?

There are so many Chinese restaurants in Sheffield. For Chinese students, even if you don’t know how to cook, there is no need to worry that you will miss Chinese food.

What are your plans after your postgraduate study?

I plan to go on to PhD study at Sheffield.

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