Everybody is so approachable in this department

Rutuja Dharne, MA Philosophy
Rutuja Dharne
International postgraduate student
MA Philosophy
Rutuja Dharne is an MA Philosophy student from Pune, India.
Rutuja Dharne, MA Philosophy

Why did you choose to study in Sheffield?

The University, the Department, the City, the gardens, activities, everything seemed to be startling when I looked it up on the internet. I knew I wanted to be here!

What made the University of Sheffield particularly stand out for you?

My friend graduated from the University of Sheffield so I had gleaned a lot about the quality of education and hospitable environment at the University from her. Also, the application process was elementary as compared to many other Universities. Hence, I chose to apply here.

How did the Department of Philosophy help support you through the whole process from application to settling in?

The Department has been extremely supportive and considerate right from the application process. I got prompt replies to all my queries which made the process so much simpler and straightforward. Applying for the CAS, VISA, choosing the modules, getting the U-card, getting access to the books in the Department, getting the maps, getting help with finding the buildings and classrooms, the Department has guided me through everything!

What aspects of your degree do you find most interesting? Is there a particular module you enjoy most?

I love the fact that I'll be getting my degree within one year. I found the module 'Metaphysics and Epistemology' to be very interesting. The seminars were very insightful and everybody got a fair opportunity to take up the topics of their choice and make presentations for the seminar. I was particularly interested in doing Greek Skepticism, and even though Greek Philosophy wasn't a part of the agenda for the seminars, Professor Dominic Gregory was very supportive of it and even helped me choose the readings."

Ours is one of the best Departments at the University. Being a part of the Department is no less than a blessing!

Rutuja Dharne

MA Philosophy

What do you like about studying in the Department of Philosophy?

Everybody is so approachable at the Department. Professor Luca Barlassina helped me choose the modules in the first week. Professor Rosanna Keefe was so welcoming, she even taught me how to use the coffee machine at the Department. Professor Christopher Marshall (my adviser) has been extremely supportive throughout. He helped me choose the topics for the essays, has guided me with writing materials and always clarifies my queries patiently. Professor Niall Connolly and Professor Dominic Gregory have been extremely kind, forbearing and helpful during the seminars and discussions about the essays. Professor Stephen Laurence and Professor Jennifer Saul are also very considerate as they guide us in every aspect regarding the module and our essays and have great conversations after the seminars too.

The PhD students are very philanthropic. There is so much that I get to learn from them and they are always open to interesting conversations. The Administrative staff in the Department office have been a great support throughout. They always reply to emails quickly and helped when I had a problem with an essay submission. Ours is one of the best Departments at the University. Being a part of the Department is no less than a blessing!

What do you plan to do when you finish?

I plan to work with Teach For India for two years, and later apply for PhD in Philosophy, either Applied Ethics or Swami Vivekananda's Practical Vedanta.

Do you take part in any University or Department activities as well as your studies?

I like being a part of activities. I went to the Reading Weekend in the Peak District in March, and had a great time enjoying the scenery and socialising with the other students and staff.

What do you enjoy most about living in Sheffield?

Sheffield is a beautiful city. It's a combination of city and countryside. The City Center and The Moor makes one feel very lively and connected, however, places like the Botanical Gardens and Endcliffe Park are so peaceful and dreamy! I love spending time at Weston Park and meditating there is one of the things that I cherish the most.

What are your top tips for any international students thinking about studying English in Sheffield?

1. Start early

2. Some homework won't cause any harm

3. Don't judge yourself or rate yourself, you are here to learn, so is everyone else, you don't have to compare yourself to anyone to improve or develop.

What has surprised you most about Sheffield? What do you know about Sheffield now that you didn't before you came here?

That most of the shops close at 5pm! Also, it's a dreamland! The roads, the hills, the lakes, the gardens, the skies! It's sensational and astonishing!

Is there anything else you like to tell us about your experience of living and studying at the University of Sheffield?

Studying at the University of Sheffield is one of the most special and venerated experiences of my life. I never felt like I don't belong here. I am living every bit of it. I'm loving every bit of it!

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