Climate Justice

Climate change and its associated effects raises a whole host of ethical issues. Some of these concern the intergenerational injustices one generation might visit upon another, others concern the type of ethical regard humans ought to demonstrate towards nature, others still deal with the ways in which existing and historic injustices might impact upon the varying levels of responsibility various nations have to tackle and/or mitigate climate change.

Megan Blomfield works in this field.

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Taught Modules

The Political Philosophy of Climate Change is a third year and postgraduate module on the relationship between the demands of justice and climate change.

Global Justice is a third-year and postgraduate module that investigates the sources, boundaries and demands of justice at a global level.

Workplace Learning is a third year module involving a work placement of 35-70 hours with a local organisation (voluntary or commercial sector) and developing two essays reflecting on philosophically significant aspects of your experience.