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I got my PhD in philosophy from King's College London after studying maths and philosophy as an undergraduate in Trinity College Dublin. My research interests are chiefly in metaphysics, the philosophy of language and philosophical logic; though I am also interested in topics the philosophy of science and the history of early modern philosophy. I have written on non-existence, time and change, truth, substances and their properties, and the semantics of names and indexicals. I am particularly interested at the moment in varieties of fictionalism and in passing off controversial alleged entities as bare particulars.

Selected Publications

Niall Connolly (2017). I'm here now; but I won't be here when you get this message. dialectica 71 (4):603-622.
Niall Connolly (2015). Yes: Bare Particulars! Philosophical Studies 172 (5):1355-1370.
Niall Connolly (2012). Truth As, At Most, One. International Journal of Philosophical Studies 20 (1):135-147
Niall Connolly (2011). How the Dead Live. Philosophia 39 (1):83-103

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