Profile: Dr Minna Shkul

University Teacher 


BA Hons, MA, PHD

Minna grew up in Finland, with moomins and trolls and  came to Sheffield in 1999 to do an MA in Biblical Studies, and after a few years in HR management, a PhD in NT studies, reading Ephesians using the lenses of social psychology and sociology. Before taking up her current post at Sheffield she worked as a Director of Theology & Religious studies partnerships at University of Wales Lampeter, and held two post-doctoral research fellowships funded by the Finnish Academy projects at the University of Helsinki.

Research Interests

• Social history of early Christianity, social memory and identity in the New Testament;
• Religion and social sciences, empirical studies on contemporary religiosity;
• The reception of the religious texts, voices from the margins and minorities; and
• Questions of equality and diversity, especially feminism, gender and sexuality.

Current Projects

I am a co-director of the Hidden Perspectives project in the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary biblical studies, and I lead Sheffield LGBT studies module. My research examines religion and social sciences, both in the ancient world, and contemporary 21st century Britain.


I teach the following modules when they are running:
• NT Greek I, II
• Understanding the New Testament
• Gospels
• Understanding Religion
• Sociology and Anthropology of Religion
• LGBT Studies


“Ritual and Social Identity” and “New Identity and Cultural Baggage: Identity and Otherness in Colossians” in Coleman Baker and Brian Tucker (eds), T&T Clark Handbook for Social Identity and the New Testament. London & New York, Bloomsbury (2014).
”Questions of Identity, Otherness and ’Jewishness’ in Ephesians’ Scholarship” in Raimo Hakola (ed. et al), Explaining Early Jewish and Christian Identities: Ritual, Memory & Identity. Finnish Exegetical Society (2013).
Reading Ephesians, Exploring Social Entrepreneurship. Library of New Testament Studies 408.
London & New York: Continuum, 2009.

Forthcoming publications include:
“Ephesians” in Oxford Annotated Bibliographies Online. Oxford University Press.
“Paul” and “Letters” in Tom Thatcher (ed. et al), The Dictionary of the Bible in Ancient Media. London & New York: Bloomsbury.
“Identity and Belonging: Social Functions of Pentecostal Hermeneutics” in Andrew Davies and Jacqueline Gray (eds.), Sword of the Spirit: the Use and Function of the Bible in Global Pentecostalism. GPCS; Leiden: Brill.

Research Paper Conferences

I have given papers in different professional societies, conferences and events in the USA, UK and Europe. Some of the most recent ones include:
“Applying social psychology to examine questions of identity and prejudice in the Disputed Paulines.” University of Manchester, April 2014.
“Questions of Prejudice in Christian Traditions. Social Sciences and Faith Communities.” A keynote paper in Biblical Studies Postgraduate Workshop. University of Manchester, July 2013.
“‘Born this Way”: Lady Gaga, the Bible and LGBT Identities” Perspectives Festival. Sheffield, June 2013.
Cultural Baggage and Gaps in the text: Different Interpretive Options for Pauline disputes.” European Association of Biblical Studies. Amsterdam, July 2012.

Other professional activities

I am a member of the British New Testament Society and co-chair of its Social World seminar, and a member of European Association of Biblical Studies, Society of Biblical Literature and Finnish Exegetical Society.

Office Hours - Spring 2018-19

Tuesday 12-2pm


Telephone:  0114 222 0515


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