Why study philosophy?

What is philosophy and why should we study it? What are the benefits of studying here in Sheffield? And as a department, how do we keep our philosophical discussions up to date with the questions of modern life?

More ways to get involved

Philosophy reading weekend

Every year we organise a conference-like reading weekend for staff, postgraduates and undergraduates. It normally takes place in the spring at a youth hostel in Derbyshire.

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Philosophy in the city

An award-winning outreach project, run entirely by student volunteers from the University of Sheffield’s philosophy department.

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Philosophy essay competition

The Sheffield Philosophy Essay Prize is an annual competition for Years 10, 11 and 12, aimed at introducing secondary school students to the study of philosophy.

Philosophy essay competition

Undergraduate conference

The University of Sheffield Philosophy Undergraduate Conference is arranged every year by the Sheffield philosophy department and is a great chance for undergraduates to experience presenting one of their own papers to an interested group of peers.

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PhilonoUS is our undergraduate philosophy journal. The journal is organised and edited by our students, and features papers from undergraduate students from across the University. 

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Philosophy at the Showroom

A series of screenings probing the philosophical questions raised by some of cinema’s most intriguing films.

Philosophy at the Showroom