My degree was incredibly useful in gaining my role as a legal intern

Chloe Ashley.
Chloe Ashley
BPTC student and legal research assistant
BA Philosophy
After studying Philosophy, Chloe has developed a career in legal research.

How has your Philosophy degree helped your career?

My degree really helped me to focus on what interested me most in the world - so essentially it helped me find my career. There was a large degree of autonomy afforded to me when I completed my third-year special projects, resulting in me exploring the complex issues of trust and forgiveness.

My degree was incredibly useful in gaining my role as a Legal Intern with Amicus, a charity specialising in death penalty defence litigation. When I was working in Houston, American and international law had an impact on everything that I did. I strongly believe that having a philosophy degree, and the skills and disciplines that I developed while undertaking it, was instrumental in allowing me to gain these opportunities and in my success in persuading funders to finance my endeavours abroad.

Any advice for current students?

The staff are easily the best thing about the Philosophy department at Sheffield. I was truly inspired by the tutors there, and they were the reason I initially chose to come to Sheffield above any other university. I still seek their advice when I am in need! Sheffield is an incredibly unique city and gives you a great sense of community, the Philosophy department was such an instrumental part of that. My time at the University of Sheffield was at first about completing a degree but quickly became about so much more.

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