My experience at Sheffield prepared me very well to become an academic

Daniel Watts
Senior lecturer, University of Essex
PhD Philosophy, BA History and Philosophy, University of Sheffield
Daniel Watts is a lecturer at Essex University who began his academic studies with a BA in Philosophy from the University of Sheffield.

How has studying at Sheffield helped you in your career?

I look back to my days at Sheffield very fondly. I still have friends in the department and visit from time to time. My experience at Sheffield prepared me very well to join my current department at Essex, not least given the way both departments straddle the divide between Anglo-American and European philosophy and are committed to keeping philosophy in touch with real-world problems.

What is your current job like?

It involves the three dimensions of research, teaching and administration. On the research side, I’m currently co-leading a major AHRC-funded research project on the Ethics of Powerlessness.

Where did life take you after graduation?

First to Trinity College Dublin, for a temporary teaching fellowship and post-doctorate (4 years altogether) and then to Essex in 2007.

Any advice for current students?

Don’t be shy of talking to academic staff. I only really started doing so when doing my PhD and found them not nearly as scary as I’d imagined and generally great company!

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