My tutors gave me the support and confidence that I needed to progress onto further study

Sam Heal-Cohen
Sam Heal-Cohen
Graduate student at Oxford University
BA Philosophy, University of Sheffield
Sam completed his BA in Philosphy at Sheffield and is now a graduate student at the University of Oxford.

How has studying at Sheffield helped you in your career?

Completing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy at Sheffield has greatly helped my career, allowing me to get into one of the top graduate programmes in the country, as well as helping me find work as a tutor. The closely-knit academic community of faculty, graduates and undergraduates at Sheffield encouraged me to attend conferences and graduate seminars. These helped me develop the skills and attitudes needed to progress onto further study as well, as teaching me the value of being part of an academic community. My tutors also gave me the support and confidence that I need to succeed in my degree and progress onto further study.

What advice do you have for current philosophy students?

Go to as many conferences, seminars and events hosted by the Sheffield Philosophy department as you can whilst you are studying here. These events made a strong impression on me and helped sculpt my thinking about a wide range of issues. They also give you an important insight into the ways in which professional academics discuss and present their own and each others research. Also, try to make the most of your relationship with your tutors: talking through ideas with top academics is one of the best ways to improve your thinking and mature as a philosopher.

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