Professor David Lidzey
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Professor of Physics

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Materials Physics Group

Research interests
  • Development and evaluation of solution processed photovoltaic devices
  • Organic and hybrid photonic devices and structures
  • Organic and hybrid semiconductor polaritons
  • Spectroscopy of functional semiconductor materials
  • Conjugated polymers and perovskites
  • Structural probes of thin-film materials
  • PHY347/447: Physics and Enterprise Management
  • PHY393: Microscopy and Spectroscopy
  • PHY6004: Introduction to Photovoltaics
  • PHY6011: Solar Cell Lab
Departmental administration
Professional activities
  • Chairman of Ossila Ltd (
  • Lloyds of London Tercentenary Fellowship (1997-99)
  • EPSRC Advanced Fellow (1999-2004)
  • ERA Foundation Fellow
Recent key publications
  • High-Performance Multilayer Encapsulation for Perovskite Photovoltaics, M Wong-Stringer et al, Advanced Energy Materials 8 (2018) 1801234        
  • Control over Energy Transfer between Fluorescent BODIPY Dyes in a Strongly Coupled Microcavity, K Georgiou et al, ACS Photonics 5 (2017) 258-266
  • A nanophotonic structure containing living photosynthetic bacteria, D Coles et al, Small 13 (2017) 1701777
  • A hybrid organic-inorganic polariton LED, Jayaprakash et al, Light-Science and applications 8 (2019) 81
  • A flexible back-contact perovskite solar micro-module, Wong-Stringer et al, Energy and Environmental Science 12 (2019) 1928-1937
  • Room Temperature Broadband Polariton Lasing from a Dye-Filled Microcavity, SanniKov et al, Advanced Optical Materials 7 (2019) 1900163