Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics Group members

We have aimed at Sheffield to build a group with expertise that bridges the best in experimental accelerator particle physics with the best activity in the emerging new field of astroparticle physics. This page contains information about the members of our group.

Academic staff

Contact details for academic staff

Research staff
  • Dr Matt Anthony (ATLAS)
  • Dr Oana Boeriu (ATLAS)
  • Dr Anthony Ezeribe (DUNE)
  • Dr Mark Hodgkinson (ATLAS)
  • Dr Per Johansson (ATLAS)
  • Dr Liz Kneale (Super-K, WATCHMAN)
  • Dr Elena Korolkova (LUX-ZEPLIN)
  • Dr Hannes Mildner (ATLAS)
  • Dr Rhiannon Jones (DUNE)
  • Dr Celeste Pidcott (T2K, Hyper-K)
  • Dr Nathan Readioff (ATLAS)
  • Dr Andrew Scarff (WATCHMAN)
  • Dr Matthew Thiesse (Hyper-K, Super-K)
  • Dr Dengfeng Zhang (ATLAS)
  • Dr Theo Zorbas (ATLAS)

Contact details for research staff

PhD students
  • Alix Fell (submitted, ATLAS)
  • Sam Jenkins (submitted, T2K/Super-K/Hyper-K)
  • Will Yeadon (submitted, ATLAS/ESIM)
  • Timesh Mistry (writing up, LIGO)
  • Andrew Naylor (writing up, LUX-ZEPLIN)

  • Ahmad Alrheli (4th year, Muon Tomography)
  • Rob Gregorio (4th year, CYGNUS/Industry)
  • Jack Hall (4th year, ATLAS)
  • Jack MacDonald (4th year, ATLAS)
  • Jordan McElwee (4th year, T2K/Super-K/Hyper-K)
  • Kamal Saoucha (4th year, ATLAS)
  • Ed Tyley (4th year, DUNE/SBND)
  • Michael Weekes (4th year, Muon Tomography)
  • Rob Foster (3rd year, WATCHMAN)
  • Ian Hollows (3rd year, LIGO)
  • Praveen Kumar (3rd year, DUNE)
  • Robbie Neal (3rd year, COSINE-100)
  • Mitch Norfolk (3rd year, ATLAS)
  • Mitch Perry (3rd year, ADMX)[part time]
  • Chris Toth (3rd year, WATCHMAN) [part time]
  • Ala Zglam (3rd year, SBND/LAr)
  • Steve Wilson (2nd year, WATCHMAN)
  • James Greer (2nd year, Detector development)
  • Henry Israel (2nd year, T2K/Hyper-K)
  • Helen Maguire (2nd year, ATLAS/Flex-Ray)
  • Ali McLean (2nd year, AWE/Gas detectors)
  • Lan Nguyen  (2nd year, SBND/LAr)
  • Joshua Puddefoot (2nd year, ATLAS)
  • Tom Rushton (2nd year, LUX-ZEPLIN)
  • Harry Scott (1st year, SBND/LAr)
  • Jonathan Orpwood (1st year, LUX-ZEPLIN)   
  • Jemima Tranter (1st year, G3 DM)       
  • Micheal Postill (1st year, ATLAS)    
  • Jack Fannon  (1st year, Super-K / Hyper-K)

Contact details for PhD students

Technical and computing staff

Contact details for technical staff and research staff

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