Preparing for Module Choice

As a new student entering the university, you are required to choose your modules (also referred to as units of study) that you will take in your first year.

From August 25 2021 you will be able to access a module selection task within the Online Registration system where your modules can be requested.

The module selection task will show your core modules (modules that are compulsory and cannot be changed) and how many remaining credits you need to select for a full set of modules. WIthin the task, you will be presented with a list of module choices that have been pre-selected by your department. You must select your remaining modules from this list. Your department will email you with specific details about module choice before arrival. If you require any further guidance on your modules, please contact your department.

Bear in mind that many modules are only taught in one Semester each year. You are aiming to identify those that, with your core modules, could make up a full and balanced load of 60 credits per Semester (for Undergraduate students) or 90 credits per Semester (for Postgraduate students). The total modules should come to 120 credits per academic year (for Undergraduate students) or 180 credits per academic year (for Postgraduate students).

After Registration

Changing modules after registration

If you wish to request changes to your modules after completing registration, there is a short period called ‘Add-Drop’. This will run between 20 September 2021 and 8 October 2021.

Check your University Record

You should check your personal record to ensure that the list of modules corresponds with those that you are taking. This list will be used to prepare your Examination Timetable.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your units are correctly recorded.