Our postgraduate taught courses

We offer a broad range of campus-based and online courses, all designed to help you develop your career.

A lecture being delivered in the School of Health and Related Research. The academic stands at the front of the class and points to a presentation.

Develop the analytical skills, in-depth disciplinary knowledge and capacity for critical thinking to enable you to work effectively in health organisations in a globalised world by studying one of our programmes. Our programmes provide the essential stepping stone for you to become a leader in your chosen area.

Campus-based programmes

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Online programmes

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Joint programmes

These are programmes which are offered jointly with other partners or university departments.

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Learn from leading researchers in their fields

We tackle some of the world’s biggest health challenges to improve the population’s health and wellbeing.

Our world-leading research is in areas including public health evaluation, emergency and immediate care, alcohol policy, health technology assessment, workforce and extended roles and health policy. Our research has earned us an international reputation, particularly in the areas of health economics and decision modelling, and public health.

Our impactful, high-quality research influences how we teach across all of our postgraduate courses, and our graduates are highly regarded internationally.

Many of our graduates go on to work in national health services, or health agencies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Some go on to work in other international nongovernmental organisations or the private sector, such as the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries. Others go on to undertake further doctoral/PhD study or work in academic and research institutions across the world.

This reflects the quality of our research-led teaching, and our ability to inspire and prepare you for a successful career.

Study in a multidisciplinary environment

We are one of the largest multidisciplinary schools of public health and health services research in the UK. Our strengths include strong relationships with other University departments including medicine, economics, management, information studies, statistics and work psychology.

This approach and environment allows you to benefit from a range of specialisms and perspectives. We help you to develop the analytical skills, in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge and capacity for critical thinking to enable you to become a leader in your chosen field.

Meet our students

I love the University and Sheffield as a city. I did my undergraduate degree here and didn’t want to leave. Whilst what I learnt was related to public health, such as disease outbreak management, the problem solving skills can be applied to other areas in the future.

Harriet Fiddler

MPH graduate