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Melatonin for Anxiety prior to General anaesthesia In Children (MAGIC)

A Multicentre, Parallel Randomised Controlled Trial of Melatonin versus Midazolam in the Premedication of Anxious Children Attending for Elective Dental, Ophthalmologic or Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Under General Anaesthesia.

Study Updates

Trial Summary

Anxiety ahead of general anaesthesia is common, with up to 50% of children displaying manifestations of distress-behaviour at the point of anaesthetic induction.

Midazolam, the current standard premedication given to an anxious child ahead of surgery has been shown to be effective, although there are numerous adverse effects which make the medication less than ideal. Melatonin offers many potential benefits over Midazolam.

MAGIC aims to compare the effectiveness and side effects of Melatonin versus Midazolam premedication, and to determine whether Melatonin offers sufficient benefit to warrant change in standard NHS practice.

Recruitment Updates

2ND APRIL 2020

78 patients have been recruited and randomised to the trial.

Message from Professor Chris Deery (Chief Investigator): “It is very exciting to be getting going with the Trial at last. We have a great team and as you can imagine since being awarded the funding a lot of work has already been done".

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17 Sites are now open to recruitment:

Site Principal Investigator Contact details
Sheffield Dr Ayman Eissa
Aberdeen Dr Graham Wilson
Liverpool Dr Nuria Masip
Croydon Dr Ashok Raj
Doncaster Dr Padma Gopal
Newcastle Dr Christopher Vernazza
Dundee Dr Simon Crawley
Sunderland Dr Sean Cope
Middlesbrough Dr Amy Norrington
Darlington Dr James Limb
Kilmarnock Dr Tim Geary
Bolton Dr Rachel Smith
Glasgow Dr Tony Moores
Stoke-on-Trent Dr Maggie Babb
Barnsley Dr Hamish Paton
Manchester Dr Sian Rolfe
Stevenage Dr Pranav Kukreja

COVID-19 Update May 2020

The current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has lead to numerous pressures and changes, both for the NHS and research, the most recent of which included the cancellation of all routine elective surgeries within the UK and the prioritisation of COVID-19 studies.

Many sites have chosen to halt recruitment to the MAGIC trial already. In light of these extraordinary circumstances, we have decided to pause recruitment to the MAGIC trial until further notice.


This project is funded by the National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment (NIHR HTA) Programme (project number 16/80/08). Any views or opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the HTA programme, NIHR, NHS or the Department of Health.


Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Study Contacts

Name Role Organisation Contact
Professor Chris Deery Chief Investigator School of Clinical Dentistry
Dr Robert Bolt Co-Investigator School of Clinical Dentistry
Dr Ayman Eissa Lead Anaesthetist Sheffield Children's Hospital
Katie Biggs Study Lead CTRU, University of Sheffield
Marie Hyslop Study Manager CTRU, University of Sheffield
Elena Sheldon Research Assistant CTRU, University of Sheffield
Louise Turner Trial Support Officer CTRU, University of Sheffield
Nikki Totton Statistician CTRU, University of Sheffield
Esther Herbert Statistician CTRU, University of Sheffield
Amanda Loban Data Management CTRU, University of Sheffield
Tracey Young Health Economist HEDS, University of Sheffield