Professor Beverley Hooper

BA (Tasmania), MA, PhD (Australian National)

School of East Asian Studies

Emeritus professor of Chinese Studies


I am a social historian of modern and contemporary China. My research has dealt with the Western experience in China and issues concerning the youth generation, gender and consumer rights in the post-Mao reform era.

Since studying in Beijing in 1975-77 as an early participant in student exchanges with the PRC, I have undertaken a number of research projects in China sponsored by organisations including the British Academy and the Australian Academy of the Humanities in conjunction with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Before coming to Sheffield in 2000, I was Foundation Professor of Asian Studies at the University of Western Australia. I also served on the Australian Government’s Australia-China Council and in 1995-96 as President of the Asian Studies Association of Australia.

Research interests

My current research focuses on Westerners in China during the Mao era. My book Foreigners under Mao: Western Lives in China 1949-1976 examines the lives of six groups of Westerners: ‘foreign comrades’, twenty-two former Korean War POWs who chose China ahead of repatriation, diplomats, foreign correspondents, ‘foreign experts’ and language students.

The book reveals that Mao’s China was not as closed to Western residents as has conventionally been portrayed, particularly but not only in the United States, and shows how their everyday lives were affected by the tumultuous politics of the Mao years as well as by the communist government’s specific policies towards them.

Hong Kong publication: July 2016.
European and North American publication: November 2016. Available from Amazon and Columbia University Press


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