About the Nomura Group Project

In 2022 Dr Peter Matanle won funding from Japanese investment bank Nomura and the UK's Economic and Social Research Council for an Impact and Knowledge Exchange project to research employment standards under the Environment, Social and Governance framework in South Korea's largest corporations.


In the 21st century there is a pressing need for business and commerce to contribute towards the common goals of humanity, as expressed in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In financial services this is expressed through the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and by corporations through the implementation of rigorous Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards.

Globally, the Social pillar is the least understood and the least developed, yet S issues are becoming more important to organisations as they seek to harness the true power of their workforce.

Our project is repositioning Nomura's ESG offering in East Asia, helping them to advise investors to make more responsible decisions and encouraging companies to implement higher employment standards.

Ultimately, our research is rebalancing the ESG framework by placing employment standards as the foundation for all three pillars, given that it is employees who have the motivation and creativity to implement ESG behaviours and place their organisations onto a sustainable high performance pathway.

The S in ESG

Here is a list of research and engagement outputs

Project Participants

Project Leaders:

Dr Peter Matanle, Senior Lecturer, SEAS

Mr Jim McCafferty, Head of Asia (ex Japan) Research, Nomura

Research Assistants:

Ms Yejin Shin, PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh

Ms Jing Wang, PhD Candidate, SEAS, University of Sheffield

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