Visiting scholars

Information on applying to be a visiting scholar at the School of East Asian Studies.


The School welcomes visiting scholars who can enrich and deepen our knowledge and understanding of East Asia, contribute to the development of our research and teaching activity, and increase the scope and impact of departmental activities

Preference will be given to applicants whose research is related to the research agenda of the members of the School and whose visit will lead to establishing lasting collaborative relationships that produce outcomes that are mutually beneficial to our staff and the visiting scholar.

  • Applicants must make their application at least 6 months before the proposed commencement of their visit.
  • All applicants must have a Departmental Mentor for their visit. This will usually be a member of the School whose academic interests are similar to the applicant and with whom the applicant wishes to collaborate during the visit. It is essential to contact that person informally first.
  • Any visitor should be willing to present at least one public lecture/research seminar during their time with us.
  • All applicants must propose a clear plan of research for the duration of their visit which involves collaboration with any members of staff and which would contribute to the research objectives of the School. Examples of which could include;
    • Joint funding proposals involving School of East Asian Studies staff
    • Staging workshops or symposia
    • Producing co-authored research outputs in the form of peer-reviewed journal articles or books
  • Applications may be made at any time of the year and for any duration but not normally exceeding one year. However, the length of period applied for should be correlated with the demands of the plan of research.
  • Successful applicants will be allocated a courtesy desk and minimal support facilities.
  • Successful applicants will be accorded the title of either Visiting Scholar or Visiting Professor as is appropriate to each case.

This appointment does not carry any remuneration from the university but the School is willing to assist in applications to other funding bodies to cover the costs of travel and accommodation, we would encourage potential applicants to explore the following organisations;


When applying, candidates should supply an up-to-date CV and a completed application form (PDF 380KB).

Applications are welcome from scholars at any level of experience or seniority.

Applications will be assessed by the proposed Departmental Mentor, the Director of Research and the Head of School and are subject to final approval by the Faculty Director of Research, with the key criteria being how the proposed visit will contribute to the academic research aims of the School.

Applications should be directed in the first instance to the Operations Administrator, Lisa Knowles ( for consideration by the School's Research Committee.

Further information about the application process

Visiting PhD students

Visiting PhD students are required to pay a pro-rata fee for the period in attendance at the University.

Further information on procedures regarding application as a Visiting Research Student

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