Ten reasons to choose Chinese Studies at Sheffield

From our expert focus on the history, culture and social sciences of the region, to our close-knit and international community of staff and students, we list our top ten reasons to study Chinese here in Sheffield.

Great Wall of China

1. Learn from leading experts

You will develop a sophisticated understanding of the complex challenges that China faces today, supported by our research expertise on contemporary and modern China.

2. Chinese is valuable for global discussions

You will work on important questions such as China’s involvement in the global economy and global governance; dramatic population movement and environmental pressures; legal reforms and changing understandings of citizenship and of quality of life; and the ongoing debates over China’s past and its meaning in the present.

3. Immerse yourself in the language

You will develop the Chinese language skills and knowledge that you need to explore these questions in a professional setting through our intensive, applied language programme and small-group teaching.

4. Spend a year abroad

You will spend your year abroad at Nanjing University, a leading university in a dynamic region; full one-year scholarships are available to fund that study.

5. Develop a broad range of skills

You will gain invaluable professional skills in research, critical analysis, oral and written presentation, teamwork and time/work management.

6. Study Japanese and Korean too

You will have a unique opportunity to understand China in depth, in a regional and comparative context by extending your studies to Japan, Korea and East Asia.

7. Excellent career prospects

You will have excellent employment prospects: our graduates work in business, government, education, research and media, engaging with China in our connected world.

8. A great place to learn

You will have many opportunities beyond the curriculum to develop your language skills and understanding of Chinese culture through the University's award-winning Confucius Institute.

9. An active community

You will be part of a close, supportive and diverse academic community, in one of the UK’s friendliest, greenest and most vibrant university cities.

10. Links to Chinese institutions

You will launch your China-related career from a city with diverse Chinese communities of residents and students, and strong links with Chinese universities and businesses.

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