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Find out about the background of Skeletal Analysis Laboratories, our approach to working and how to contact us.

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About us

Skeletal Analysis Laboratories was established in 2003 (formerly the Bone Analysis Lab) to provide members of the University of Sheffield's Faculty of Health, as well as the wider Musculoskeletal research and industry communities, with access to contemporary bone analysis approaches.

Part of the Mellanby Center for Bone Research, Skeletal Analysis Laboratories has experienced staff with diversified expertise in imaging, histology and bone biology, who use conventional as well as newer technologies to ensure a top quality of service to its clients. The lab is open to any investigator wishing to perform analysis of bone.

Our approach

We offer a flexible approach to suit our user’s needs. You can use our equipment and perform your own analysis; receive training or ask us to perform the experiments on your behalf. This can go from in-vivo experiments to sample preparation to data analysis and writing of the reports.

We are available to help you design the experiments or interpret the data on a collaborative basis and we can draw from the wide ranging expertise available within the lab to match you with the right specialist for your needs.

If you have specific needs that are not mentioned on the website, contact us. We are always developing new expertise and technologies, and adapting existing techniques to specific cases.


For further information, contact Dr Enrico Dall’Ara:

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