Jane Woodin

BA (Bristol), PGCE (Liverpool), MA, (Sheffield) PhD (Sheffield)

School of Languages and Cultures

Programme Leader for MA in Intercultural Communication and MA Intercultural Communication and International Development

Jane Woodin
+44 114 222 0635

Full contact details

Jane Woodin
School of Languages and Cultures
Jessop West
1 Upper Hanover Street
S3 7RA

After my first degree in French and Hispanic Studies and subsequent PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate in Education), I worked in a range of educational settings including secondary, community, adult and further education. My first higher education post was at the University of Leon, Nicaragua. I came to the University of Sheffield in 1993 as Spanish Co-ordinator and set up the programme of Spanish for non-specialists which now offers a range of modules from beginners to near-native. I initiated and developed the MA in Intercultural Communication in 2003, which has been running successfully ever since. From 2008 to 2016 I was Head of the Applied Languages Section (which comprises the 5 MA programmes of Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Communication and International Development, Multilingual Information Management, Translation Studies and Screen Translation), and from 2010-2016 I was also Director of MA Studies for the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. Through extensive periods of living abroad for personal, academic and professional reasons, my experiences of being ‘other’, and living differently have influenced my approach to life and academic study and inspired my commitment to the intercultural programmes. I have also undertaken interpreting and translation for international delegations in Central America as well as for Australian TV and advised on subtitling of Latin American documentaries.


I am a member of the Sheffield –Estelí Society Nicaraguan twinning, and through this support and train students on an annual cultural exchange programme. I am also a keen cyclist and aspiring Argentinian tango dancer.


  • Director of Learning and Teaching, School of Language and cultures
  • Programme Leader for the MA in Intercultural Communication and MA in Intercultural Communication and International Development
  • Chair of School Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Member of Faculty Graduate Committee
  • Member of School Executive Board
Research interests

My research and teaching interests overlap considerably, and I am jointly passionate about them. I have a strong interest in the role of language in everyday life and the professions, including the adoption and change of identities and identification processes, interaction between speakers of different languages, roles of equality and inequality in language use. My research includes pedagogy, discourse and conversation analysis with a strong focus on intercultural communication, in particular in relation to self-other positioning and identification in interaction. Recently I am also developing an interest in internationalisation processes in higher education, and the role of intercultural dialogue in developing intercultural competence and citizenship.

Research group

PhD Supervision

I currently supervise PhD students on the following subjects:

  • Narrative approaches to identity and whiteness in intercultural contexts (ARHC-funding) with Prof Jan Windebank
  • The role of language in facilitating trans-cultural mental health work (WRoCAH funding: http://www.arts-and-humanities.whiterose.ac.uk/- with Dr. Bethan Davies, University of Leeds, and Dr. Kris Horner.
  • Intercultural competence and global-mindedness in the Japanese context – with Dr. Tom McAuley, School of East Asian Studies

Completed PhDs under my supervision:

  • Multilingualism and representation of Citizenship in the EU context (Faculty Fee-waiver) –with Dr. Lena Hamaidia and Dr. Roel Vismans

Together with Paloma Castro (Valladolid) and Ulla Lungdren (Jongkoping), I conducted a $20,000 research project for the International Baccalaureate Research Office, on the term ‘international-mindedness. The results of the project can be found in Castro, Lungdren and Woodin (2011) and can be found here: http://www.ibo.org/globalassets/publications/ib-research/imeufullreportfinal.pdf

2009: £400 for British Association of Applied Linguistics/Cambridge University Press Seminar ‘Key Themes in Intercultural Communication Pedagogy’ Held in Sheffield July 2009. (With Gibson Ferguson, Valerie Hobbs & Lesley Walker).

2003: £8000 (sole applicant) Knowledge Transfer bid for joint KE project with Gripple UK (http://www.gripple.co.uk/)

1999-£250,000 HEFCE funding for the DEVELOP peer observation project with Leeds Metropolitan University

Teaching activities

I convene and/or teach on the following modules:

  • Concepts and Approaches in Intercultural Communication
  • Intercultural Communication in Practice
  • Ethnography/Reflective Practice
  • Professional problem-based learning
  • Intercultural Tandem Learning
  • Dissertation module for Applied Languages

I contribute to the following modules:

  • International Project Management
  • Critical Reading and Writing
  • Spanish-English translation
  • Dissertation support
Professional activities

Selected Presentations

BAAL/CUP Seminar paper: Tandem learning, Native/ intercultural speaker: Evidence from tandem learner conversations, Sheffield July 2009

2008 Woodin British Association of Applied Linguistics 41st Annual Conference (Swansea), conference proceedings, ‘Cultural Categorisation’ (paper presented within the colloquium ‘Discourses, Communication and Interculturality’)

Invited presentations

Tandem Learning: Opportunities and challenges: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and
Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) 20.04.12

Other external activities

  • Founding member of British Association for Applied Linguistics Special Interest Group in Intercultural Communication (http://www.baal.org.uk/sig_interc_comm.html)
  • Reviewer /reader of intercultural publications for two major publishing companies, Language Teaching Journal, System, Lingüística Aplicada
  • External examiner for 2 UK Intercultural Masters’ Programmes
  • PhD external examiner
Selected publications

(in press) Intercultural Communication Study in the United Kingdom Invited chapter for the International Encyclopedia of Intercultural Communication by Prof Y-Y Kim.

(2016) Woodin J. ‘How to research interculturally and ethically’, in Research Methods: A practical guide, Routledge, pp. 103-119.

(2015) Castro, P., Lundgren, U. & Woodin, J. International Mindedness through the looking glass: Reflections on a concept Journal of Research in International Education December 2015 14: 187-197

(2013) ‘Native or intercultural speakers? An examination of dyadic conversations between Spanish - and English - speaking tandem learners’ in Sharifan & Jamarani (eds.) Intercultural Communication in the New Era, Routledge

(2011) Woodin, J Castro, P and. Lungdren, U. ‘Tracking the traces of Intercultural Dialogue in internationalisation policies of three EU universities: Towards a framework’ in European Journal of Higher Education, Vol 1, Issue 2-3, pp. 119-134.

(2010) ‘Cultural categorisation: What can we learn from practice? An example from tandem learning’, in Language and Intercultural Communication, Vol 10. No.2, pp. 225-242

(2009) Woodin J. Tandem Learning as an intercultural Activity: Evidence from conversations about word meaning. Unpublished Doctoral Thesis.

(2006) Cultural Training materials for University Cultural Exchange (Nicaragua) students. Published in-house
2007 Woodin J. ‘ Intercultural Positioning in Tandem Conversations’, in Weinert, R. (ed.) Spoken Language Pragmatics, Continuum (12,000 words)

(2003) Woodin, J., ‘Encouraging Intercultural Competence in Tandem Learning’ in Lewis, T., & Walker, L., (2003) Autonomous Language Learning in Tandem, Academy Electronic Publications, Sheffield. (8 pages)

2002 Woodin, J., “Compétence Interculturelle”, Helmling, Brigitte (Ed.). in L'apprentissage autonome des langues en tandem (Collection Essais C.R.E.D.I.F.). Coord. par Brigitte Helmling. Avec la coopération de Helmut Brammerts, Karin Kleppin, Iva Cintrat, Erik Otto. Paris: Editions Didier. (5 pages).(Trans.from English)

2001 Woodin, J., “Die Foerderung interkultureller Kompetenz beim Sprachenlernen im Tandem”, in Brammerts, H. & Kleppin, K., (eds.), Selbstgesteuretes Sprachenlernen im Tandem, Stauffenburg Verlag. (8 pages). (Trans.from English)

2001 Woodin, J., “Tandem learning as an Intercultural Activity” in Byram, M., Nichols, A. & Stevens, D., (eds.) Developing Intercultural Competence in Practice, Multilingual Matters, (14 pages).