Seminar Series

The School of Languages and Cultures welcomes visitors from across the UK and the wider world to its seminar series.

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In addition to our national and international visitors, this year's series showcases Sheffield colleagues from French Studies, Spanish and Latin American Studies, Germanic Studies, and Intercultural Communication.  They present their research in a variety of disciplinary areas, including linguistics, literature, intellectual history and visual culture. 

Programme 2022-2023

Date Speaker(s) Title Location

11 May


Rhodri Sheldrake Davies (Durham University) 
Rhiannon McGlade
(University of Strathclyde)

Visual Print Media as Dissent in Contemporary Spain

Presentations, round-table and Q & A 
Chair: Louise Johnson (Sheffield)

Diamond Workroom 2

5 May


Dr Nicola Bermingham (University of Liverpool)
Dr Andrew Bradley (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
Prof Avel·lí Flors Mas (Universitat de Barcelona)
Prof Elin Gunleifsen (Universitetet i Agder)
Dr James Hawkey (Bristol)
Prof Kristine Horner (UoS)
Prof Michael Hornsby (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
Prof Helen Kelly-Holmes (University of Limerick)
Dr Sarah Muller (Zenter fir d’Lëtzebuerger Sprooch)
Prof Gro-Renée Rambø (Universitetet i Agder) 

In collaboration with the Centre for Luxembourg Studies

The Sociolinguistics of 'Small Languages': Policies, Practices and Interests

This colloquium considers the utility of the term ‘small language’ in sociolinguistic research and considers shifts in the circumstances in which speakers of 'small languages' find themselves. Papers explore a range of European case studies, including Ireland, Scandinavia, Spain, France, Andorra and Luxembourg.

Full programme

Mappin Hall

4 May


Katy Humberstone
Matt Oxley (UoS)
Cian Hurley (UoS)

In collaboration with the Centre for Luxembourg Studies

Thematic Panel on ‘Spatialised Tensions’

This interdisciplinary PGR-led panel will present initial findings across the 3 research sites of Mexico, Catalonia and Luxembourg, where linguistic, social and cultural tensions are negotiated, contested and materialised in spaces.

Diamond, Workroom 1

Rearranged for Autumn 2023

Dr Nathalie Solomon (Université de Perpignan, France)
Dr Maxime Goergen (UoS) 
Dr Harsh Trivedi (UoS)
Chair: Dr David McCallam (UoS)

Balzac: A 21st-century man

A round-table discussion on the relevance of 19th-century French novelist Honoré de Balzac's works in our times.


26 April

4.15 pm

Dr Andrew Cusack
(University of St Andrews)
"Transnational Modern Languages and Border Zones Case Study: Switzerland- Württemberg in the 19th Century" Jessop West, SR G.03

25 April

5 pm

Dr Nicola Frith
(University of Edinburgh)
"Legacies of Slavery in the French Republic: Recognition, Reconciliation or Reparation?"  Jessop West, SR G.03

15 March

7.30 pm

Translation Extravaganza!

A round table teach-out event with writers and translators

The extravaganza is part of the SLC Translation Days. The full programme can be downloaded here

Logo SLC translation days 2023. Three red stripes fanning out
Drama Studio

2 March 

2 pm

Prof  Renata Schellenberg

(Mount Allison University, Canada)

"German Colonialism and its Legacies" Diamond, Lecture Theatre 9

28 Feb 

5 pm

Andreas Hiemstra
((Universität Oldenburg/
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

"Linguistic Transfer between Closely Related Languages in Third Language Acquisition"

Jessop West, SR G.03

27 Feb 2023
5 pm

Prof. Wim Vandenbussche
(VU Brussels, Belgium)
"Dutch in Multilingual Brussels: Past, present and future"

Diamond, Workroom 2

In collaboration with the Centre for Dutch and Flemish Studies

26 October 2022

5 pm

Dr Hannah Silvester
(University College Cork, Ireland)
"Language, Power and Identity in the Banlieue: Subtitling linguistic variation in Abdellatif Kechiche’s L’Esquive" Jessop West, G.03


27 April 2022 Dr Sophie Watt "Neo-Colonial Violence in the Francophone World" Pemberton LTA, Regent Court (ScHARR)
30 March 20222 Dr Lauren Rea Billiken and the Great Latin American Women Project Pemberton LTA, Regent Court (ScHARR)

16 March 2022

Katia Kameli Katia Kameli in conversation: images, memory and translation (Chair: Amanda Tavares) Online
23 March 2022 Thomas Waller "João Paulo Borges Coelho, Autonomy, and the Global Literary Marketplace" Pemberton LTA, Regent Court (ScHARR)

For information on how to connect to the online seminars, please write to at least a day in advance of the talk you'd like to attend, with the message subject "Research seminar series link". 

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