Modern Languages Drama Festival 2024

Curtain up! Light the lights! The SLC Modern Languages Drama Festival is back at Sheffield’s Drama Studio. From 16 until 22 March 2024, we'll offer FOUR student productions. From the classic 'Le Cid' to the playful 'Rotkäppchen'.

A dozen students in a light room, looking at their phones to read the script for their theatre rehearsal

Being in a play is a really fun way to improve your confidence in speaking languages and to make new friends – students from 1st year through to 4th year and even postgraduates get involved! This year the SLC Festival is fully student-led, which, although challenging at times, is proven to be thoroughly enjoyable. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s acting, directing, doing the tech or publicity, and a great way to become more involved in university life.

Lauren Dalton

Final Year, BA Modern Languages

12 March: Un marido de ida y vuelta – Spanish

In Un marido de ida y vuelta by Enrique Jardiel Poncela, the dying Pepe asks his dashing best friend, Paco Yepes, not to marry his beautiful and bold wife, Leticia, after he has passed.

poster of Spanish play that reads un marido de ida y vuelta

After his death, Paco and Leticia break Pepe’s promise only to find their lives and house suddenly haunted. The light turns on and off, the piano plays itself, and a book of Shakespeare's sonnets changes places continuously.

This comedic, slapstick performance becomes the hilarious picture of the consequences of betrayal as the ghost of Pepe wreaks havoc onto the lives of the newlyweds.

Performance in Spanish

12 March, 7:30pm, Drama Studio

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15 & 16 March: Le Cid – French

In Le Cid by Pierre Corneille, Rodrigue and Chimène are in love.

French paly poster Le cid and dates 15-16 March

They are going to get married. But when their fathers quarrel violently, Rodrigue is called upon to avenge the family honour. Torn between duty and love, how can he and Chimène remain true to themselves and to each other?

This is a fast-moving adaptation of a true French classic – a dramatic story of poetry, violence, love and honour.

Performance in French

15-16 March, 7:30pm, Drama Studio

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For schools

Below you can find a brief overview of the play, plus some short scenes to enact, and some language reflections/exercises on the texts.

Le Cid, schools textCorneille, Le Cid, revised, Jan 2024

19 March: EGEL (the longing of) HEDGEHOG – Dutch

One day in autumn, the hedgehog looks out of the window and wonders why nobody ever comes to visit him. But what if he were to send an invitation? He had never invited someone before.

half of the image is 3 students acting and the left handside is the play's poster with the title Egel (the longing of) Hedgehog

Based on a story by Toon Tellegen and adapted for the stage by the Nederlandse Vereniging and Dutch at Sheffield. A performance in Dutch and English about being alone and longing for unexpected company. And also a bit  about noodle soup.

Performance in Dutch and English

19 March, 7:30pm, Drama Studio

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22 March: Rotkäppchen – German

An exciting spin on the Grimm Brothers’ classic fairy tale, “Little Red Riding Hood”.

A young girl sets out into the Peak District to visit her sick and frail grandmother, but when the big bad wolf comes along, her day turns a little topsy turvy …

A play written, directed and produced by students of German at the University of Sheffield and the Deutscher Verein

The evening will also be interspersed with readings from students who took part in the German Winter Creative Writing Competition. 

Performance in German

22 March,  7:30pm, Drama Studio

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poster of a little red ridinghood on the hills of the peak district, 22 March 2024

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