Our facility is equipped with a range of state-of-the-art rheometers, a key tool in the processing of polymers, food and cosmetics.

A researcher loads a sample into a rheometer

These instruments can provide measurements for a range of soft matter materials including polymers, colloids and gels.

Anton Paar MCR 301 rotational rheometer

MCR 301 rotational rheometer
  • Provides rheological and rheo-optical measurements
  • Equipped with an optical attachment for visual monitoring and shear-induced polarised light imaging (SIPLI) of samples

Anton Paar MCR 502 rotational rheometer

Anton Paar MCR 502 rotational rheometer
  • Provides rheological and rheo-FTIR measurements
  • Coupled with Nicolet iS50R FTIR spectrometer

TA Instruments AR-G2 rotational rheometer

AR-G2 rotational rheometer
  • Provides rheological measurements on a range of soft matter materials

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