Call for carers and those requiring care to create artistic submissions for digital exhibition on covid-19 experiences

Academics from the Sustainable Care programme at the University of Sheffield are calling on unpaid carers, care workers and people who require care to participate in creating artistic submissions for a digital exhibition on covid-19 experiences.

Paint, canvas and paint brushes

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted every aspect of our day to day lives. The physically and mentally vulnerable have seen particular upheaval as we try to reorganise our way of living to protect against the spread of the disease. 

One result of this has been a focus of attention on the lives of unpaid carers and those who use or require support. Carers have faced enormous challenges to stay safe whilst caring for friends, family and neighbours. Those who need care have been faced with different ways of communicating and interacting with their carers, families and communities.

Professor Sue Yeandle, who leads the Sustainable Care programme, said: 'Through our  studies, we aim to raise the awareness of policymakers, politicians and social care providers about people who need care, those who support them, and the lives they live. We highlight challenges they face and what could help. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic put care under a new spotlight.  

Research provides vital evidence to inform decisions about care, but too often the experiences and voices of people with support needs - and the families and friends who help them - get drowned out as others take decisions that affect their lives. I'm delighted we can offer this opportunity to showcase what you want to share - through your writing, art, poetry or other media - about providing or receiving care. I look forward to viewing and sharing a unique exhibition highlighting what matters most to you.'    

The exhibition, titled I’ll be here in the morning, will form part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences, and is designed to give a voice to the unheard and put faces to the unseen, those people who quietly give so much of their own lives to care for others. The team is looking for artistic submissions to create a week-long digital exhibition (7-15 November 2020) in all kinds of formats, including the following:  

  • Photographs
  • Drawings/paintings/illustrations
  • Poems
  • Short stories
  • Short films (2 minutes maximum)
  • Recipes that you cook for a loved one to bring particular comfort
  • Pieces of music or favourite songs, with a note of why they’re so important to you

Due to the sensitive nature of the subject, you must ensure you have the consent of anyone featured in your submission, and there will be options to anonymise your entry if you prefer. We may seek to follow up with you about your submission, but any further participation will remain completely optional. 

How to participate

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