Weston Park Cancer Charity Coffee Mornings

Over the past year we've been delighted to welcome Weston Park Cancer Charity Coffee Mornings to the Wave Kitchen, it's been a real pleasure to offer this facility to our wider community to connect and socialise.

Patients, staff and friends from Weston Park Cancer Charity socialising in the Wave Kitchen

This April marks the first anniversary of staff from Social Science departments previously located across the campus coming together to work in the Wave building. 

Professor Hugo Dobson, Faculty Director of One University Strategy Delivery for Social Sciences highlights just a few of the benefits this incredible building offers, 

“Staff, colleagues, students are so much more visible. By naturally moving around the building, you bump into people that you may not have seen for quite some time. It’s just a fabulous way to meet your colleagues and try and enhance that collegial atmosphere within the faculty."

As well as encouraging collaborative thinking, working and socialising, the Wave offers a facility for our wider community to connect and socialise. 

In this new video we hear how the Wave Kitchen provides the perfect venue for patients, friends and colleagues from Weston Park Cancer Charity to come together to chat and support one another.

Cat Rhone, Deputy CEO of Weston Park Cancer Charity commented, "It's an excellent opportunity for people to regroup and just to spend time together ... we're really enjoying using this space and very grateful to the University of Sheffield for allowing us in here."

It is rewarding to be able to support Weston Park Cancer Charity and make these monthly coffee mornings a welcome addition to our community.