1 June 2021

Spinner’s third training event

At the end of April, Spinner held its third training event. In response to the current travel restrictions, this was held online, over five mornings.

Spinner training event 3 montage
Spinner training event 3 montage. Top row: Ansys’s Twin Builder; spine models from Yohan Payan; Professor Yohan Payan, CNRS. Bottom row: Professor Damien Lacroix, spine models from Damien Lacroix, Adagos’ NeurEco

The focus of the training was modelling and simulation. It involved

  • an introduction to the parsimonious approach to deep learning by Adagos, illustrated with a workshop using their NeurEco neural network package
  • an introduction to reduced order modelling by Ansys, illustrated with a workshop using their Twin Builder
  • lectures on using finite element models to simulate the spine as an aid for surgery from Marie-Line Pissonier, Hôpital Pitie Salpêtrière, Professor Yohan Payan, CNRS and Professor Damien Lacroix, the University of Sheffield.

The lectures were open to staff and students from the University of Sheffield and the University of Bologna.

Spinner fellow comments

"Ansys' workshops were hands-on training sessions on software for reduced order modelling. The training material was clear and allowed us to do the training smoothly."

"Despite the remote conference, it was very easy to ask questions during the different talks and to interact, so that was a very good point."

"Neural-networks can be a great tool to help create models that accurately predict the evolution of patients, and even to predict how successful a procedure/strategy can be before actual surgery."

"The hands-on workshops were very nice to try, the lectures on the application of spine modelling were also very interesting."

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