Estranged Students

This page offers information, support and advice for students who have had no permanent contact, relationship with or support from their parents for a year or more.

Estranged students

University Support

Where you are estranged from your parent(s) or carer(s), Student Support Services can provide you with support and advice to help ease your transition and ensure you achieve your full potential whilst at University.
Please make yourself aware to our Central Welfare and Guidance (CWAG) team.

Financial Support

As an estranged student, you may be eligible to apply for a range of financial schemes to assist you during your studies.

For information on the financial options available to you, please visit the pages below.

To ensure you are accessing all available funding, please contact the Financial Support Team via the form below.

Estranged Student Contact Form

External Support

Outside of the University, the national charity Stand Alone provides independent, specialised support and advice for individuals living in estrangement from their family, parent(s) or siblings.

They run support groups, therapeutic workshops and a programme to connect people for ongoing emotional support.

Stand Alone Pledge

We have been recognised by Stand Alone for pledging our ongoing support for estranged students.