Appeals and complaints (for applicants)

The University of Sheffield is committed to providing a high quality admissions service which is fair, efficient and transparent.

If you have a problem with an admissions decision or with the way your application has been handled, in most cases the issue will be able to be resolved amicably and without having to use the formal process.


If you require feedback on one of our decisions, please email your request to us at, including your name, your UCAS ID or Sheffield applicant number and the course you applied for. We aim to respond within 10 working days.

Once feedback has been issued, we may not be able to respond to additional requests for information on the same application.

Submitting a formal appeal or complaint

If you remain unhappy, the University operates a formal Appeals and Complaints Procedure for Applicants.

Appeals and Complaints Procedure for Applicants (PDF, 104KB)

If you want to submit an appeal or complaint, please use this form:

Appeals and Complaints form (PDF, 77KB)

Appeals are made against specific admissions decisions (for example a decision not to make an offer); complaints concern any aspect of the consideration of an application by the University.

The grounds on which appeals and complaints can be made are set out in the Procedure, but please note that appeals/complaints cannot be made against academic or professional judgement.

Recourse to the formal Appeals and Complaints Procedure will normally only take place after a request for feedback has been made.

If you are not satisfied with the decision taken in respect of your complaint or appeal for applicants, you must use this form to request a Case Review. 

Applicant case review request form (PDF, 418KB)