Applicant conduct


As outlined in point 6.15 of the Student Admissions Policy, University of Sheffield students are expected to follow our Code of Conduct, and we would ask those applying to join our community to demonstrate their suitability by adhering to the principles outlined in the code.

Where we become aware of a prospective student conducting themselves in a manner inconsistent with the code, we may approach them to draw their attention to the code and discuss their behaviour with them. For example, we may ask for a written explanation of their behaviour and the context in which it took place, to help us establish the individual's suitability for membership of our community. Where an individual in this position proceeds to register as a student at the University, we may also ask them to meet with our support services when they join us.

In serious cases, inappropriate conduct may adversely affect the consideration of an application and could result in the withdrawal of an offer or the rejection of an application.

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