The Toolkit

The Technical Development and Modernisation (TDM) Toolkit was developed in response to a variety of issues affecting the technical workforce.

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The tools form a complimentary package designed to support institutions in creating a sustainable future for technical staff and services.

The Toolkit consists of:

  • Higher Education Technical Career Pathway Tools

  • The Technician Skills, Roles and Responsibilities Audit

  • The Technician Development Framework

  • AspireCPD

  • A Career Development Opportunities Package

The Higher Education Technical Career Pathways tools enable institutions to align to a nationally recognised structure. This provides individuals with the ability to plan a technical career.

The Technician Skills, Roles and Responsibilities Audit enables institutions to capture information about their technical workforce. This supports them in developing a strategic approach to workforce planning.

The Technician Development Framework provides a how-to guide on strategic development and delivery of apprenticeships, traineeships and internships.

AspireCPD is a bespoke online portal for the easy recording of continuing professional development in line with the requirements for professional registration.

The Career Development Opportunities Package signposts potential career development opportunities, provides guidance for institutions to develop or improve existing schemes and provides individuals with an understanding of what is available to them.  

This Toolkit was developed by the TDM project, and is now facilitated and managed by the National Technician Development Centre (NTDC).

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