How we're championing technicians

Through internal advocacy groups and our pledge to the national Technician Commitment, we're driving forward our commitment to technicians.

Technical Managers Sam Whitehouse and Melanie Hannah talk to Vice-Chancellor Koen Lamberts about the vital contributions technicians make to the University.


Technical talent and expertise are critical to research, innovation, education – and to the delivery and development of services across our University. 

From finding solutions to research problems and managing research facilities, to implementing new technologies, developing industry partnerships, supporting teaching, maintaining work spaces, and providing technical production for events, our highly skilled technicians make vital contributions to our University everyday.

However, like other institutions, we know that technical skills and careers need increased recognition, investment and active advocacy to ensure a sustainable future. 

Technical Leadership Group and Technical Delivery Group

We have two groups responsible for driving forward our commitment to technicians.

Our Technical Leadership Group is chaired by our Director of Human Resources and includes senior Faculty and Professional Services colleagues as group members. This group reports directly to our University Executive Board:

Our technical colleagues are experts at what they do. We all have a role to play in retaining, and attracting, skilled and highly trained technicians to enable and enhance our critical University activities. The Technical Leadership Group has been set up to progress actions to support this work.

Ian Wright

Chair of the Technical Leadership Group

Our Technical Delivery Group is chaired by our Faculty Director of Operations for Science and the membership is made up of technical colleagues from across the University. This group reports to the Technical Leadership Group:

Through the Technician Commitment and other actions we want to see increased recognition for technical skills and careers. The contributions made by our technical colleagues are not always well understood but through our delivery group we can help shine a light on just how critical they are.

Penny Jackson

Chair of the Technical Delivery Group

Technician Commitment

Through the national Technician Commitment, hosted in the UK Institute for Technical Skills and Strategy, we have pledged to take action to tackle the key challenges affecting technical staff across the UK.  

Our University Technician Commitment Action Plan 2024 to 2027 outlines the actions we are taking across the four key areas of the Technician Commitment – Visibility, Recognition, Career Development, and Sustainability. 

University of Sheffield Technician Commitment Action Plan 2024 to 2027

National Technician Development Centre (NTDC)

Available to universities across the UK, the NTDC based here in Sheffield, provides higher education institutions with access to information, expertise and tools to enable them to create a sustainable future for their technical staff and services.

Visit the NTDC