John Lowndes

Despite shielding on health grounds, Senior technician, John Lowndes, from the Henry Royce Institute, has been producing PPE for the NHS using his own workshop.

John Lowndes
John Lowndes: Senior Technician at the Henry Royce Institute

Senior technician, John Lowndes, from the Henry Royce Institute, has been producing PPE for the NHS. However, John is currently shielding during lockdown on health grounds, so has been using his own workshop to make a variety of items.

He started using his own 3D printer and materials to make PPE for a paramedic friend who was then able to pass them on to others who needed it. John was then able to borrow a printer from the Henry Royce Institute to help him up set up production, and Principal Engineer Robert Deffley has been helping to maintain a supply of materials.

A selection of door claws made by John
PPE made by John, using his own workshop

John has been making face shields as well as Covid Door Claws, which are used to safely open doors and have a dibber on the end for touchscreens and push-button door access - paramedics, doctors and nurses love these. He has also redesigned Covid Buckles which are designed to take pressure off the ears when wearing face masks - these are in high demand.

John has been printing from 7.30am until 11pm every day, and has sent out over 700 pieces of PPE via his paramedic friend. He has also sent PPE to a local school to help them prepare for a phased return, and has had enquiries from a school in Leeds where his youngest daughter works.

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