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Upcoming events


TechNet Networking Event: Technician's Showcase - Wednesday, 1st March 2023, 12:30 - 1:45pm, Firth Hall.
The first TechNet event of 2023 will showcase and celebrate the magnificent and talented technicians working at the University of Sheffield. Hear about the unique and interesting work being undertaken by your technical colleagues and how this work has had a winder impact, including opening words from President and VC Koen Lamberts.
The Technical Showcase will be held in Firth Hall, with lunch available from 12.30pm.

Speakers Include:
  • Koen Lamberts - Opening words
  • Tesoro Monaghan, Faculty of Engineering - Royal Society Christmas lectures
  • Linda Kay, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health - Covid-19 clinical trial work and vaccines
  • Yvette Marks, Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Digging for Britain
  • Rachel Tucker, School of Biosciences- Covid waste water project
  • Sarah Biddiscombe, School of Biosciences- Springwatch
Register for the event using the link:
Please register before 23rd February 2023 to ensure we are able to cater for all attendees. 
The showcase will be available online also. Registration for joining online is advised however a joining link will be sent to the TechNet mailing list before the event starts. 

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