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We work with a range of partners within and outside the university, with residents associations, community organisations, cultural and creative partners, charitable and voluntary organisations, local authorities, municipal agencies, national governments, small and large businesses and international think-tanks, agencies and NGOs. 

We collaborate with interdisciplinary research centres in Africa, Asia, Europe, China, North America and Australia. We participate in many international networks formally and informally, including the Global Urban Network or World Universities Network, and curate fora and partnerships to further both intellectual and pedagogical agendas, for instance, the Black Urban Consultative Forum

Outside formal partnerships, our strategic initiatives bring together hundreds of international urbanists and early career researchers through convocations, pedagogical interventions and lecture series. Our networks span across the globe, providing a unique opportunity for the Urban Institute to curate collaborative reflections, generate new lines of critical inquiries, share practical actions and support a collective effort to build solidarity across the global research community. 

We are regularly approached to host international scholars who wish to undertake placements within the institute. Often such scholars bring their own funds, or wish to spend a period of secondment within the Urban Institute, as a means to explore common areas of work and future potential. Find out more about our current visitors

Through our Associate Programme and through our research themes, we collaborate with academics within and outside the university to generate novel propositions and intersections that can generate theoretical and methodological insights into contemporary urbanism. 

Whilst the Urban Institute does not host PhD students, we co-supervise with departmental staff and a number of PhD students are aligned with our work. If you are interested in PhD supervision, please get in touch with the relevant staff member directly

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