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As well as his work as a vice-chancellor and scientist, Professor Sir Keith Burnett is an adviser on Chinese language teaching materials. 

In 2014 Sir Keith was awarded the prestigious Individual Performance Excellence award from the Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong in recognition of his contribution to the greater understanding of Chinese language and culture.

Having discovered an interest in China during his first visit 10 years ago, Sir Keith has since visited the country many times, and is now a speaker of Mandarin Chinese.

In these articles Sir Keith reflects on how we can work with China to strengthen UK infrastructure and investment and build a cleaner, better future together.

China is a partner of Britain. Our businesses work together every day... but we also share common challenges.

We need to pool our talents as we create the sustainable energy the world will need, address problems of pollution and think about how to care for an ageing population. In all these areas, the UK and China simply must work together.

Professor Sir Keith Burnett


Featured article

Watch interview on Sky News with Sir Keith

23 October 2015

Sir Keith Burnett speaks to Sky News about our relationship with China and the state visit of President Xi Jinping.


22 October

In an interview for Bloomberg, our Vice-Chancellor discusses opportunities to boost industry and infrastructure through our partnerships with China.



What the UK can learn from the Chinese approach to infrastructure

17 September 2015

Sir Keith explores how Friedrich Hayek's economic theories on markets and personal freedom can help us understand how best to meet the nation's industrial and infrastructural needs.


Sir Keith Burnett

The significance of Xi Jinping's visit to the UK

20 October 2015

Professor Sir Keith Burnett discusses the significance of China's president, Xi Jinping, visiting the UK and opportunities to boost UK industry and infrastructure.

The University of Sheffield and China

The University of Sheffield works in partnership with a number of leading Chinese universities, including Nanjing University, Beijing Language and Culture University and Tongji University.

We are also working closely with Chinese companies on advanced manufacturing related to low carbon energy to develop the next phase of civil nuclear energy production in the UK.

Our relationship with China: how we're addressing major global issues together

University of Sheffield to expand unique partnership with Nanjing Tech University

23 October 2015

A new collaboration between the University of Sheffield and Nanjing Tech University in China has been signed, paving the way for the establishment of a Joint Institute in Nanjing.