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Why it matters that UK higher education says #WeAreInternational

"Universities have found themselves speaking for a better way to live together. We dare not fall silent and we will not." Sir Keith on international education.

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Fear terrorism but not your neighbours
14 June 2017

Science will not be silenced
13 June 2017

Students and UK visas
2 June 2017

No immigrants, no food
25 May 2017

Once more into the breech
23 May 2017

Why science?
22 May 2017

Trump’s ‘America First’ approach business as usual – even for scholars
10 May 2017

Wisdom and knowledge
5 May 2017

Fighting talk is not what we need
3 May 2017

What makes a great Sheffielder?
6 April 2017

Agreement signed with Shanghai Jiao Tong University
30 March 2017

Industrial strategy, Beijing-Style
22 March 2017

Sir Keith discusses the importance of internationalism in higher education
20 March 2017

Sir Keith welcomes the boost for technical education following the announcement of T-levels
16 March 2017

Sir Keith's comment on taking international students out of the UK’s net migration targets
14 March 2017

Why Boeing chose Sheffield
24 February 2017

Investment will help the Welsh valleys peak once more
4 February 2017

VC statement on US travel restrictions
29 January

Educating global Britain - stop polarizing ‘vocational’ and ‘academic’ students
24 January 2017

A Britain without foreign workers is not Britain at all
18 January 2017

Universities are in need of reform - but further commercialisation is not the answer
9 January 2017

Taxpayers should heap scorn on the government’s loan book sell-off
3 January 2017

If we don't allow freedom and flexibility in academia says Sir Keith, we risk losing sight of real quality and excellence
19 December 2016

Sir Keith discusses how getting industry up and running takes more than just money
23 November 2016

Sir Keith reflects on Ms May's claims the presidential visit to India was a success
11 November 2016

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