Collaborative training

You can help nurture our future talent by supporting PhD studentships.

CASE Studentships

Contributing to studentships provides an opportunity for the University, the student and the supporting sector to share knowledge, facilities and expertise.

Case study: Conservation research leads to sustainable eco-tourism

Case study: Shell partnership for microfossil analysis

Grantham Centre

Formed from a £2.6 million philanthropic donation, the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures is focussing on tackling the challenges of sustainability, collaborating across faculties to train young scientists with the passion and commitment to make a difference.

Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures


ACCE is a partnership between the Universities of Sheffield, Liverpool and York, and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. It promotes multidisciplinary environmental science research to train students as excellent scientists. A proportion of these studentships are required to be CASE awards.

ACCE (Adapting to the Challenges of a Changing Environment)