Jim Uttley

Dr Jim Uttley

Lecturer in Architectural Science

BSc Psychology, PhD, PGDip

T: 0114 222 0326
E: j.uttley@sheffield.ac.uk

I have a background in Psychology and Behavioural Science and my research applies principles of behavioural research and environmental psychology to the built environment. One of my main interests is the influence of the built environment, particularly lighting, on active travel. I aim to support students by helping them understand how humans influence and are influenced by urban design.

I completed my PhD in visual perception and lighting in 2015 before completing a 3-year postdoc in the Lighting Research Group at Sheffield. I then worked as a Research Fellow in Human Factors at the Institute for Transport Studies, Leeds, before returning to Sheffield.

Teaching Activities

ARC208 Environment & Technology
ARC556 March Dissertation
ARC6771 Future Climates and Architecture
ARC6843 Principles of Building Physics for Sustainable Design

Administrative Roles

ARC6990 Sustainable Design Thesis – module organiser

Departmental ethics reviewer

Research Interests

I am interested in behaviour within the built environment, including human factors related to transport infrastructure. I have a particular interest in how human behaviour is influenced by light and lighting. I am also passionate about behavioural aspects of active travel, particularly how the built environment can encourage or discourage walking and cycling.

I also have a strong interest in behavioural research methodologies, including eye-tracking, psychophysics experiments and the use of virtual reality. The analysis of ‘big data’ has become an important aspect of my research. I have previously used large datasets about cycling and walking behaviour, and road safety, to understand the role of light and lighting in active travel.

PhD Supervision Interests

Behaviour in the built environment
Light and lighting
Active travel within the built environment
Road safety
Behavioural research methods
Visual behaviour within the built environment

Grants, Awards and Consultancy

White Rose Consortium

Professional Standing and Distinctions

Member of CIE Technical Committee 4-52: Road lighting for pedestrians

Lighting and active travel Using night time aerial imagery to estimate light levels Association between light levels and cycling rates after-dark Eye-tracking in the built environment


A list of key publications can be found below. For a full list of recent publications please click here.

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