Course Details

The course consists of four modules. Each module includes two study days and one tutorial. During the two study days, the core elements of the module will be explored, with examples from practice being used to illustrate key components. The tutorial group meeting will provide the opportunity for more in-depth exploration of context specific issues. Additionally, participants are able to arrange individual tutorials with their personal tutor. Each participant is allocated a personal tutor at the start of the course. The tutorials provide an opportunity for discussion about the portfolio, or aspects of learning and teaching development or any issues the participant or tutor wish to discuss. Participants will be expected to critically reflect on their learning and consider the impact of this learning on their practice, within their reflective portfolio. All modules are underpinned by relevant policy, educational research and critical reflection.

Subject Specialism

During Module 2 you will be given the opportunity to pursue a special interest in one of the following:
Teaching & Learning in GP Education
Teaching & Learning in Simulation
Teaching & Learning in Dental Education
Teaching & Learning in a Clinical Setting

Each of the four modules is assessed independently via a combination of portfolio submissions and in addition practical teaching sessions. Participants will be required to undertake a peer review of their teaching, which will be assessed formatively and also provide a signed testimonial of an observed teaching session (summative assessment).

Reflective Portfolio

One of the key aims of the course is that you should critically reflect on all aspects of learning and teaching included within this course to demonstrate your own professional development as a medical educator. Therefore, we believe that you should have the opportunity throughout the course to reflect on aspects of learning and teaching that are relevant to your personal interests and professional practice. Portfolios consist of a body of work, which can include a number of entries, rather than a single piece of writing and allow a degree of choice in what to include, demonstrating that the relevant assessment criteria have been achieved. Portfolios offer a degree of flexibility for courses where participants are from a range of backgrounds, utilising a variety of teaching methods.

Peer Observation

Module 2 will require participants to be formally observed in their teaching. This will form part of the assessment for this module.