Caroline Butcher Award 2018

Pam Ellis, Research Assistant in Catarina Henriques lab, was presented with the Caroline Butcher Award 2018 at the Bateson Centre Away Day on 4th July.

A member of the Bateson Centre being presented with the Caroline Butcher Award by the Bateson Centre Director

This award is named after friend and colleague Caroline Butcher who sadly passed away in 2016.  Caroline was a highly valued member of the Centre who forged strong personal relationships with people she worked with and was always keen to share her expertise and time, and to help out others.

The award is to acknowledge those whose contributions don’t make it to the list of grants and papers detailed in newsletters. There are many people at the Centre whose efforts are hugely appreciated, but who are holding out for the big papers or contributing to grants not submitted in their name.

These people are the unsung heroes of the Centre and we would like to publicly acknowledge their contribution and values.

Pam is a highly experienced researcher, who has crossed different fields of research, from mice to chick and now zebrafish, developing and learning sophisticated techniques in all these models. Because of this, and also due to the fact that Pam is incredibly kind, generous with her time and attentive to not only the technical needs, but also the individual's needs, Pam is constantly asked for help. 

This is an absolute testament to Pam's essential role in the Bateson Centre and also to why she thoroughly deserves this award.

Congratulations Pam!

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