PubHD is back!

PubHD is back on the 30th of March at 7-9pm at the Old Queens Head and you’re all invited! We have two brilliant speakers lined up (details below). Entry is free but we suggest bringing some change to buy the speakers a drink to say thank you.

PubPH Sheffield Live - Can you explain your PhD online?
PubPH Sheffield Live - Can you explain your PhD online?

Callum Portman Ross (University of Sheffield) - Fighting Superbugs with green tea & spermine.

Superbugs: as we have gotten better at treating them, they have gotten better at killing us. A UK government report suggests they’ll be responsible for 10 million deaths a year by 2050. Scientists across the world are trying to work out how we can fight back.

I’m aiming to understand more about the superbug MRSA. It lives quietly in 1/3 of people’s nostrils but can be responsible for life threatening and untreatable infections. I use low concentrations of toxic chemicals found in green tea and sperm cells to stress MRSA cells, making it difficult for them to keep growing and remain resistant to antibiotics. These studies help us understand how we can better treat infections in the future.

Andy Hutchinson (University of Sheffield) - Energy Storage and Flywheels.

With energy, oil and gas prices rising dramatically there has never been a more important time to be accelerating renewable energy deployment. But this comes with inherent risks - namely the stability of the electrical grid we rely on to go about our daily lives. My research looks into how energy storage systems can be used to increase the stability of the grid and ensure as much renewable energy is harvested as possible

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