Winner of Insigneo Image Competition 2020

Head vasculature in a two day old zebrafish (side view)

Elisabeth Kugler, PhD student in the Chico lab, was the winner of the 2020 Insigneo (Institute for in silico Medicine) Image Competition with her image ‘Head vasculature in a two day old zebrafish (side view)’.

The image features on the front cover of the Insigneo 2020 brochure.

Zebrafish are an excellent model to study vascular development and disease. Using transgenic lines and microscopy, vascular development can be visualised in great depth, but so far no objective quantification approach of vascular topology is available.

The work by Elisabeth Kugler, Timothy Chico, and Paul Armitage uses in silico techniques to quantitatively assess vascular topology, growth over time and how this might be impacted by disease or chemicals.